Graduation Requirements


The degree will be conferred on candidates who have fulfilled the following requirements:

1. Completed the curriculum for the Ph.D. in Transportation and Environmental Engineering, which entails:

  • Successful completion of 72 credits of course and dissertation work beyond the baccalaureate degree with a minimum grade of “B.” Up to 30 credits of coursework from an approved master’s degree program may be applied;
  • Maintenance of a minimum 3.0 GPA in all coursework attempted for the degree. 


(Core Course) 
Sustainability and Pollution Prevention

ENV 6932


(Core Course)
Transportation System Analysis

TTE 6501


2 semesters of Graduate Seminar

CGN 5937


Academic Specialization Electives*



Free Electives**



Dissertation (minimum)***



* Of the minimum 9 credits of Academic Specialization Electives, select from the approved Mobility, Sustainability and Interdisciplinary Electives lists.

** These can be from the approved list of Academic Specialization Electives or other courses approved by the Dissertation/Supervisory Committee. No more than 3 credits of directed independent study may be used to satisfy this requirement. 

*** Up to 3 credits of graduate internship (EGN 5940) can be used to satisfy the 21-credit dissertation minimum. These credits may not be taken until successfully passing the qualifying exam to enter candidacy.

2. Successful completion of a qualifying exam is required upon completion of 21 credits of coursework beyond the master’s degree; 

3. Successful completion of a dissertation proposal defense is typically required before registering for dissertation credits; 

4. Prior to the dissertation defense, the student is required to have published or have accepted for publication a refereed research paper in a field of study deemed acceptable by the dissertation committee. A journal article is preferred, but a peer-reviewed conference paper is also acceptable;

5. Successful completion of an oral defense of the written doctoral dissertation based on original research in the student’s area of specialization. The Dissertation/Supervisory Committee, the Department Chair and the Graduate College must have approved the dissertation and oral defense;

6. Complied with the University’s Graduate Policies and Regulations and satisfied the University’s Graduate Degree Requirements.