Diana Arboleda

A Civil Engineering student's success in the program.

Diana Arboleda recently graduated with a Master's degree in Civil Engineering from the College of Engineering & Computer Science and is currently pursuing a Ph.D. Arboleda describes her learning experience: “transitioning from working in industry for so many years to becoming a full time student was easy and comfortable for me. I loved all my classes and had great opportunities to be involved in many campus activities”.

She has been able to get involved with the college. Through her membership in the American Society of Civil Engineers, and Tau Beta Pi, and Engineering honor society, she was able to participate in the Concrete Canoe Competition, volunteer for environmental clean ups, community assistance, and mentoring high school students.

While working on her doctorate degree she has completed research for her thesis which sponsored by the National Science Foundation under advisor Dr. Reddy and it involved the study of sustainable concrete materials. She has written two papers that were published and even presented at international conferences.

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