Certificate in Geomatics Engineering

The Geomatics Engineering program offers undergraduates a Certificate in Geomatics Engineering. Students are entitled to the certificate by completing a minimum of 13 credits of coursework with a grade of "C" or better. Selected courses must be checked for the proper prerequisites. The certificate is open to both degree-seeking and non-degree-seeking students.

Required Courses (7 credits) - To be Taken First
Intro. to Geomatics Engineering see note 1 SUR 2034 3
Fundamentals of Surveying and
Plane Surveying Lab see note 2
SUR 2104C
SUR 2101L

Additional Course Selection for a Minimum of 6 Credits
Photogrammetry and
Photogrammetry Lab see note 3
SUR 3331
SUR 3331L
Automated Surveying & Mapping and
Automated Surveying & Mapping Lab see notes 3
SUR 3141
SUR 3141L
Land Subdivision and Platting and
Land Subdivision and Platting Lab see note 3
SUR 3463
SUR 3463L
Legal Aspects of Surveying see note 3 SUR 4403 3


  1. SUR 2104C, Fundamentals of Surveying, may be substituted.
  2. Requires MAC 1114, Trigonometry.
  3. Requires SUR 2104C/SUR 2101L, Plane Surveying/Plane Surveying Lab, as prerequisites.